What is Thermography?

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is a unique technology that takes a picture and creates a map of the infrared patterns of the body. It is different than other screening tools because it shows function (physiology). MRI and X-ray detect anatomical changes so will miss such things as active inflammation or angiogenesis (increased blood supply as found in disease). Thermography was approved by the FDA for breast screening in 1982. It can detect early danger signs in the body years before other tools. It has been shown to be effective in finding early signs of breast disease up to 8 years before mammography may detect it

What Can Thermography Be Used For?
There are 4 areas in which Thermography is useful:

  • Inflammatory Phenomena – This could include early detection of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.
  • Neovascular Phenomena – Cellular changes such as cancer are fed by the body’s own blood supply. This development of early vascularity is detected well before anatomical changes occur that will be detected with other screening tools.
  • Neurological Phenomena – Chronic regional pain syndrome, nerve irritation can cause referred pain in other areas.
  • Circulatory deficits are easily seen in thermographic images.

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Is it accurate and safe?

Yes, as a routine screening tool, it has been shown to be 97% effective at detecting benign vs malignant breast abnormalities. Another study tracked 1537 women with abnormal thermograms for 12 years. They had normal mammograms and physical exams. Within 5 years, 40% of the women developed malignancies. The researchers commented "an abnormal thermogram is the single most important marker of high risk for the future development of breast cancer" These results have been repeated over and over again for nearly 30 years.

Is It Safe?
While a variety of studies have called into question the safety of cumulative exposures to radiation, this is not the case with Thermography. Thermography emits nothing; it only takes an image. Nothing touches you and it is quick and painless. This all makes Thermography great for frequent screening with no chance of danger.

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